NAB CE Registry ID Number Clarification. Lesley Powell CEUS.

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NAB CE Registry ID Number Clarification. Lesley Powell CEUS.

We launched our live online CEU site about a month ago. We have noticed Administrators are very confused about the NAB CE Registry ID and if/when it applies to them. So, I want to clear that up. First of all, each state is the dictate on all requirements for Licensed Nursing Home Administrators. They decide if you will do an AIT program, will you take a State exam, how many hours will you do, what are your CE requirements to maintain your licensure, etc. States are in charge of everything to do with your licensure requirements.

When do I need to sign up with the NAB CE Registry?

If you take a NAB/NCERS approved course then you must have created an account with NAB as a member AND signed up with the CE Registry in order to receive a CE Registry ID number.  They are two separate steps. Creating an account a a member of NAB is the first step and signing up to the CE Registry and getting an ID number is another step. The number will start with an “R”. If you are a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in California and you complete courses that have been approved directly by California NHAP, such as Lesley Powell CEUS, then you don’t need a NAB CE Registry ID. Even if the courses were also approved by NAB/NCERS, you still wouldn’t need a NAB CE Registry ID because those courses were approved directly by your state NHAP.

If you took a NAB/NCERS approved course that wasn’t approved by California NHAP or your state NHAP, then you would need to have a NAB CE Registry ID number in order to get credit for that NAB approved course. You can report your CE credit hours to NAB yourself however, the sponsor who provided the NAB/NCERS course that you took is required as of April 1, 2018 to also report to NAB that you completed the NAB/NCERS approved course. NAB sponsors must report to the NAB CE Registry when you complete a NAB approved course and they cannot do it if you don’t have a CE registry ID number. Sponsors must report to NAB within 30 days of you completing the course.

What is the basic purpose and goal of the NAB CE Registry?

NAB are currently in conversations with all of the states to coordinate a Certificate of Completion hub for LNHA’s with NAB. It’s a great idea and in the works. As a NAB/NCERS CE Sponsor/Provider, we support NAB. That being said, we felt it was necessary to make this clarification as we are getting bombarded with this question. It has become clear to us that many Administrators are confused about this topic. Even when you complete courses that are directly approved by your state, such as Lesley Powell CEUS, you still may still choose to create a NAB CE Registry ID number. NAB’s goal now and in the future, is to house all certificate of completion for all LNHA in the U.S. even when the courses were not NAB/NCERS courses but State approved courses also. This goal requires the cooperation of each state and is in the works.

Keep it simple! Choose Lesley Powell CEUS!

Keep it simple. You take a NAB/NCERS approved course then you must have a NAB CE Registry ID number. If you take a course, such as Lesley Powell CEUS, approved directly by your state, such as California NHAP, then you don’t need to have a NAB CE registry ID. We are currently in the process of adding NAB/NCERS approved courses to Lesley Powell CEUs. Go to 

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