Lesley Powell CEUS! A Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and CE Provider!

Online Continuing Education for Licensed Nursing Home Administrators!

Lesley Powell CEUS! A Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and CE Provider!

AIT’s that have gone though our AIT program and have become LNHA’s have been asking us for years to provide continuing education for their Nursing Home Administrator License. We found a way to provide online CEUs in a very efficient, to the point, convenient and affordable way.

Why choose Lesley Powell CEUS?

Where else are you going to receive all 40 required credit hours, including your 10 “P” credits in just 4 courses for $99.99? Lesley Powell CEUs is relevant, affordable, quick, easy, reliable, innovative, reputable and trustworthy. The internet allows anyone to create a face or presentation even if its not really truthful. Often websites present information in an attempt to sell us on something even when we don’t need it or it isn’t right for us.

I am a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator just like you. I’ve walked in your shoes and understand your world first hand. I have worked in healthcare for 20 years and people have first-hand experience with me as an Administrator, as a teacher preparing AIT’s to pass their CA State NHAP & NAB exams, and as a NAB/NCERS & California NHAP CE Provider. I’m a LNHA like you giving you something that I know you need in a very inexpensive and streamlined way. I created Lesley Powell CEUs exclusively for Nursing Home Administrators. We currently have all California NHAP Approved Continuing Education credit hours and are in the processes of adding more NAB/NCERS CEUs. We are a one stop shop.  Go to https://lesleypowellceus.com/

Thank you for your continued support. Making a difference together~

For AIT’s in need of assistance in passing the CA NHAP State exam and/or the NAB exam, go to https://administratorintraining.com/