State NHAP limits on NAB/NCERS approved CEUs accepted for LNHA licensure renewal

There has been much confusion regarding available NAB/NCERS CEU courses available for LNHA to
renew their license. It’s not as simple as your state required 24 CEUS and you can get them all online by
one source. Each state absolutely has its own rules as to what it will or will not accept.
Each state NHAP decides for LNHA license renewal how many CEUS are required, how often they are
required, what courses they will accept, the number of hours from each source they will accept, and the
limited number of hours that can be completed in one day. All states honor NAB approved courses but
many states still have limits.

For example, Alabama requires 24 hours of CEUS but only allows 9 of those CEUS to come from a
NAB/NCERS approved course. But then New York NHAP will honor NAB/NCERS and California NHAP
approved courses. But imagine how upset you would be thinking that you had taken 24 online
NAB/NCERS approved courses and had met your license renewal requirements. But 15 of your CEUS get
kicked back to you hence your license is not renewed.

Maybe your state NHAP required 24 hours and will accept all 24 hours to be from NAB/NCERS approved
courses. Some states have limits as to how many CEUs can be obtained online. There are way too many
possible contingencies to purchase a course prior to contacting your NHAP.
Contact your NHAP first so that you can make sure that you are purchasing and completed the courses
that will renew your license.

It is the LNHAs responsibility to contact their States’ NHAP to confirm the exact requirements in regards
to the courses that they need to take in order to meet their licensure renewal requirements.
Hope this helps!

Thank you to all of our supporters through the years.


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If you are licensed in California then all of the CEUs will be honored by California NHAP. If you are
licensed in another state you would need to contact that state to confirm if they honor CEU courses
approved by California NHAP. Many states do.

All states will honor NAB/NCERS approved courses but some states will have limits. Please check with
your states NHAP directly.

Thank you…..Lesley

Phase 3 NAB & NHAP Exam!

Nursing Home Administrator AIT’s! Are you prepared for Phase 3 on NHAP and NAB exams?

How is Phase 3 different than Phase 1 and 2?

The changes to the Federal regulations have been so extensive since 2017 that CMS had to divide the implementation process into 3 Phases. The first two phases were the reorganization of content, revision or bettering of already existing regulations, adding new requirements to already existing laws, adding completely new regulations and changing all of the Ftag numbers. Phase 1 was completed November 2017 and Phase 2 in 2018. In Phase 1 and 2 SNF’s have been in the process of implementing the required tools/ P & P’s for data collecting (QAPI), training, emergency, infection control, trauma informed care, compliance & ethics in order to be ready for Phase 3 or “game day” Effective November 28th, 2019. Phase 3 is the final stage when all of the parts are put together to make the machine.

What does it mean to be ready for Phase 3?

The old mentality of document, document, document is gone. In fact, so much so that the new LTCSP is very clear that the priority in the new  survey process is observation, interviews, complaints and lastly, record review to support or contradict the surveyors findings during observation, interviews, complaints, etc. All the papers, binders, forms, Policy and Procedures won’t help if contradictions are found during observations, interviews, complaints, etc. In fact, if the documentation contradicts their findings during interviews, observation, complaints, etc., the facility will be affected negatively.

How does Phase 3 affect AIT’s?

Its the difference between passing or failing!

Often times AIT’s feel the exams are trying to trick them. This is not the case. They are simply testing you on pertinent topics that you need to know as an Administrator and potential scenarios that may come up on daily, weekly or monthly basis. They want you to be prepared to be the best Administrator that you can be. The Exams are a way to ensure a certain level of knowledge prior to running a facility. As the Administrator, you are the leader and with that comes a huge amount of responsibility. It’s a very important position. AIT’s must be prepared to be tested on Phase 3.

How can I be prepared?

Our Pass Rate is Excellent!

Go to or call 818-882-8188. We have been assisting AIT’s across the country to prepare for the NHAP and NAB Exam for 12 plus years. It’s what we do. Go to for online continuing education for LNHA.

Countdown to Phase 3 – Skilled Nursing Facilities Need to Create a Compliance and Ethics Program

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‘Trauma-informed’ care needed for upcoming Phase 3 requirements

Licensed Nursing Home Administrators! Yes you can take the same NHA CEU course twice.

Unlimited online CE courses for LNHA’s for $99.99!

Licensed Nursing Home Administrators! Yes you can take the same NHA CEU course twice.

Our CE courses are as pertinent tomorrow as they are today. Continuing Education is about learning, refreshing, motivating and inspiring us. Yes, you have to pass with a certain score in order to obtain your certificate. That said, the focus isn’t your score so much but rather that you learn something new or are reminded of something that you know but have forgotten. It’s about us continuing our own learning. As Administrator’s, we take care of everyone else. We organize staff learning in groups or individual sessions daily but sometimes, we forget about our own growth. The continuing education requirement makes us take the time to learn and grow.

Licensed Nursing Home Administrators! How can I take the same NHA CE course twice?

You could take a course today during your current license renewal period and take the same course during your next license renewal period. Course approval numbers are renewed periodically but that isn’t a concern for you but rather for us as your CE Provider. You just have to make sure that you don’t take the same course twice within the same renewal period consequently, counting it twice. When you take the course for your current license renewal period, your certificate should reflect a date prior to your current license expiration. When you take it the next time, it needs to be dated after this current license expiration date as to place it during your next license renewal period. Sometimes the course will have the same course approval number or a different one. As your CE Provider, we make sure our courses are current. You can count a course only one time during one license renewal period.

As a CE provider, we take pride in creating courses that you will enjoy on a personal and professional level. Our objective is to make the process interesting for you while also learning in the most efficient manner. We don’t want to bore you to death! We also choose topics that have longevity. In other words, they have ongoing benefits to you. They are a good learning today and tomorrow.

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Lesley Powell CEUS! California NHAP & NAB/NCERS Approved CE Provider!

California LNHA’s must complete at least 10 “P” credits on the aging process!

Lesley Powell CEUS! California NHAP & NAB/NCERS Approved CE Provider!

What are “P” credits?

California Nursing Home Administrators are required to successfully complete 40 credit hours of continuing education every two years in order to keep your California Nursing Home Administrator license current/active. You do not have to complete a specific number each year. You just have to complete 40 credit hours of continuing education within the two years. Of those 40 hours, 10 credit hours must be approved for specific topics. The only way to know that a course will provide you the required credit hours on specific topics is if they are “P” credits. If there isn’t a “P” at the end of the approval number then it isn’t a course that will go towards your required 10 credit hours.

Where can I see an example of “P” credits?

When you go to you will see on the home page a list of California NHAP Approved courses all of which are “P” credits. A total of 56 “P” credit hours are available to you for $99.99. You will also see a “P” at the end of the approval number. Each course has an approval number and then a “P” at the end of the number. This is how you know that you are taking courses towards your required 10 hours of “P” credits. If it doesn’t have a “P” at the end of the approval number, then it doesn’t go towards your required “P” credits.

What about NAB/NCERS CEUS for other state across United States? has been servicing AIT’s across the United States for the last 10 plus years. We haven’t forgotten you. We currently have a self-study book available for 8.50 NAB/NCERS approved credit hours. We are in the process of adding more CEUs for both California NHAP & NAB/NCERS approved courses. The more we add the price still stays the same. This seems to be our pattern for the last 10 years. We haven’t raised our AIT prep course since its inception over 10 years ago. Unlimited CEUS for one year for only $99.99.
Thank you to all of you who have been with us as we’ve grown. It wouldn’t have happened without you. We hope you will continue the journey with us. We hope to continue servicing Licensed Nursing Home Administrators in California and across the United States for many years to come.

How do I get Lesley Powell CEUS and/or AIT prep course for NAB and NHAP exam?

Go to to purchase your yearly unlimited membership subscription to meet your CEU needs. Go to for AIT preparation in passing NAB Exam and NHAP state exam.

Lesley Powell CEUS! A Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and CE Provider!

Online Continuing Education for Licensed Nursing Home Administrators!

Lesley Powell CEUS! A Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and CE Provider!

AIT’s that have gone though our AIT program and have become LNHA’s have been asking us for years to provide continuing education for their Nursing Home Administrator License. We found a way to provide online CEUs in a very efficient, to the point, convenient and affordable way.

Why choose Lesley Powell CEUS?

Where else are you going to receive all 40 required credit hours, including your 10 “P” credits in just 4 courses for $99.99? Lesley Powell CEUs is relevant, affordable, quick, easy, reliable, innovative, reputable and trustworthy. The internet allows anyone to create a face or presentation even if its not really truthful. Often websites present information in an attempt to sell us on something even when we don’t need it or it isn’t right for us.

I am a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator just like you. I’ve walked in your shoes and understand your world first hand. I have worked in healthcare for 20 years and people have first-hand experience with me as an Administrator, as a teacher preparing AIT’s to pass their CA State NHAP & NAB exams, and as a NAB/NCERS & California NHAP CE Provider. I’m a LNHA like you giving you something that I know you need in a very inexpensive and streamlined way. I created Lesley Powell CEUs exclusively for Nursing Home Administrators. We currently have all California NHAP Approved Continuing Education credit hours and are in the processes of adding more NAB/NCERS CEUs. We are a one stop shop.  Go to

Thank you for your continued support. Making a difference together~

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NAB CE Registry ID Number Clarification. Lesley Powell CEUS.

Reporting to NAB CE Registry for Online Continuing Education courses!

NAB CE Registry ID Number Clarification. Lesley Powell CEUS.

We launched our live online CEU site about a month ago. We have noticed Administrators are very confused about the NAB CE Registry ID and if/when it applies to them. So, I want to clear that up. First of all, each state is the dictate on all requirements for Licensed Nursing Home Administrators. They decide if you will do an AIT program, will you take a State exam, how many hours will you do, what are your CE requirements to maintain your licensure, etc. States are in charge of everything to do with your licensure requirements.

When do I need to sign up with the NAB CE Registry?

If you take a NAB/NCERS approved course then you must have created an account with NAB as a member AND signed up with the CE Registry in order to receive a CE Registry ID number.  They are two separate steps. Creating an account a a member of NAB is the first step and signing up to the CE Registry and getting an ID number is another step. The number will start with an “R”. If you are a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in California and you complete courses that have been approved directly by California NHAP, such as Lesley Powell CEUS, then you don’t need a NAB CE Registry ID. Even if the courses were also approved by NAB/NCERS, you still wouldn’t need a NAB CE Registry ID because those courses were approved directly by your state NHAP.

If you took a NAB/NCERS approved course that wasn’t approved by California NHAP or your state NHAP, then you would need to have a NAB CE Registry ID number in order to get credit for that NAB approved course. You can report your CE credit hours to NAB yourself however, the sponsor who provided the NAB/NCERS course that you took is required as of April 1, 2018 to also report to NAB that you completed the NAB/NCERS approved course. NAB sponsors must report to the NAB CE Registry when you complete a NAB approved course and they cannot do it if you don’t have a CE registry ID number. Sponsors must report to NAB within 30 days of you completing the course.

What is the basic purpose and goal of the NAB CE Registry?

NAB are currently in conversations with all of the states to coordinate a Certificate of Completion hub for LNHA’s with NAB. It’s a great idea and in the works. As a NAB/NCERS CE Sponsor/Provider, we support NAB. That being said, we felt it was necessary to make this clarification as we are getting bombarded with this question. It has become clear to us that many Administrators are confused about this topic. Even when you complete courses that are directly approved by your state, such as Lesley Powell CEUS, you still may still choose to create a NAB CE Registry ID number. NAB’s goal now and in the future, is to house all certificate of completion for all LNHA in the U.S. even when the courses were not NAB/NCERS courses but State approved courses also. This goal requires the cooperation of each state and is in the works.

Keep it simple! Choose Lesley Powell CEUS!

Keep it simple. You take a NAB/NCERS approved course then you must have a NAB CE Registry ID number. If you take a course, such as Lesley Powell CEUS, approved directly by your state, such as California NHAP, then you don’t need to have a NAB CE registry ID. We are currently in the process of adding NAB/NCERS approved courses to Lesley Powell CEUs. Go to 

Thank you for your continued support. Making a difference together~

AIT’s who are in need of a course to assist you in passing the California NHAP State exam and/or the NAB exam go to

Lesley Powell CEUs! California Licensed Nursing Home Administrators! Unlimited CEUs $99.99.

Online Continuing Education for LNHA’s!

Lesley Powell CEUs! California Licensed Nursing Home Administrators! Unlimited CEUs $99.99!

Receive 40 required credit hours in just 4 courses online for only $99.99! Lesley Powell CEUs was created with 5 basic thoughts. As a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in California I know exactly what you want. You want it to be easy, quick, high number of credits per course, useful and inexpensive. You don’t want to have to scour a site for an hour just to figure out if it has what you need. It is very misleading today with google and the way that the internet works when searching. Sites often use key words that they know people use when searching in order to drive traffic to their site, but they are not necessarily selling what you need when you actually get there. Unfortunately, you have to be very careful that you do not purchase something that you do not need.

What is the difference between Lesley Powell CEUS and other CEU sites?

For instance, you Google search CEUs for licensed nursing home administrator in California thinking that you will get exactly that. But in truth, you get a list of many CEU sites which don’t actually provide courses for your licensure. Some don’t have LNHA courses at all even though it seems like they did when you were searching. Some present that they have courses for Administrators but when you cross check the actual course it’s for nursing. Some are approved by NAB as web-based/pre-recorded programs but they are selling it to you as distance learning/printed material. Sometimes when you do get to the right place you have to take 32 courses in order to accumulate your 40 hours. Or you find companies who want to be the middle man and make more money off of you by selling you the book instead of just facilitating the book or ebook purchase directly with the vendor at a much, much lower cost to you. Most CEU sites offer CEUs for many licensure not just Administrators. LCSW, Nurses, CNA, Drug Counselors, P.T., OT. Psychologists, etc. It’s so confusing! I can see how the biggest question for you is “Am I really in the right place and taking what I need to take in order to keep my license active?” CEU sites are businesses and want to provide as many CEUs to as many licensure’s as possible. We serve Licensed Nursing Home Administrators exclusively.

Why choose Lesley Powell CEUS?

Where else can you get all 40 required credit hours in just 4 courses online for only $99.99? Lesley Powell CEUs is intentionally created to avoid all of the confusion by offering fewer more focused to the point courses with more credits per course. Easy, accessible online account with unlimited continuing education access for one year for only $99.99. We only provide continuing education for LNHA’s. We only give you what you need and skip the high cost, overload, chaos and frills. For more information on Lesley Powell CEUs go to

Thank you for your continued support. Making a difference together~

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