State NHAP limits on NAB/NCERS approved CEUs accepted for LNHA licensure renewal

There has been much confusion regarding available NAB/NCERS CEU courses available for LNHA to
renew their license. It’s not as simple as your state required 24 CEUS and you can get them all online by
one source. Each state absolutely has its own rules as to what it will or will not accept.
Each state NHAP decides for LNHA license renewal how many CEUS are required, how often they are
required, what courses they will accept, the number of hours from each source they will accept, and the
limited number of hours that can be completed in one day. All states honor NAB approved courses but
many states still have limits.

For example, Alabama requires 24 hours of CEUS but only allows 9 of those CEUS to come from a
NAB/NCERS approved course. But then New York NHAP will honor NAB/NCERS and California NHAP
approved courses. But imagine how upset you would be thinking that you had taken 24 online
NAB/NCERS approved courses and had met your license renewal requirements. But 15 of your CEUS get
kicked back to you hence your license is not renewed.

Maybe your state NHAP required 24 hours and will accept all 24 hours to be from NAB/NCERS approved
courses. Some states have limits as to how many CEUs can be obtained online. There are way too many
possible contingencies to purchase a course prior to contacting your NHAP.
Contact your NHAP first so that you can make sure that you are purchasing and completed the courses
that will renew your license.

It is the LNHAs responsibility to contact their States’ NHAP to confirm the exact requirements in regards
to the courses that they need to take in order to meet their licensure renewal requirements.
Hope this helps!

Thank you to all of our supporters through the years.