How do I reset my password?

Its very common for people to forget their password.The system allows you to reset your password by clicking on “forgot my password”. It will then send you an email with a “RESET PASSWORD” button. IMPORTANT: Depending on your personal settings on your email account, it is common for emails to go to spam, junk mail, updates, promotions, etc. If you do not see the reset email in your primary email, check your other folders. Once you have clicked on the “RESET PASSWORD” button, you will be able to input your email address and create a new password.

Tip: You must put in your new password and then you must confirm your password a second time. If you make a mistake on confirming your password and it shows a miss match error more than once, you CANNOT keep trying to input the password over and over. You will need to go through the “forgot my password” process again. So better to take your time and make sure that your password confirmation matches your first password otherwise, you will need to re-do the entire process. PLEASE make note of your email and your password as you will always be logging into that same account even when time lapses in between membership renewal.